All TornadoTech products and accessories are guaranteed against manufacturing defects One (1) Year(s) from the original date of purchase.

TornadoTech obligation if any product has a defect during the period (1 Years) from the original purchase is to repair or replace the affected part or exchange the product(s) with a comparable part or item at the discretion of the TornadoTech technician. Any damage incurred not as a result of “normal” wear and tear is not covered under the warranty. TornadoTech assumes no liability for any accident, injury, death, loss of data or any other claim as the result of using any TornadoTech products. TornadoTech or any of its principals or employees, dealers are not liable directly or indirectly for any loss, damages or injuries to the users or others while using the products. Product is not warrantied against water damage due to the housing. This is because of the probability of the “user” not sealing the casing properly. We advise ALL user(s) to read the manual and instructions and follow them carefully before operating the camera. Batteries are NOT covered under the warranty. Returns may incur shipping, handling and restocking fees. As with any product we encourage all user(s) to exercise good judgment and abide by all safety precautions and laws when using any of our products.